Monday, February 6, 2012


When I first hear the word "blog" I instantly think about people writing novels about the high lights and the not-so-great experiences of their lives. Correct me if I'm wrong?(also,keep all corrections internal) haha! Okay, so maybe blogs are not THAT bland. Yet still I am torn as to what I could offer that would be "interesting" enough to read? I feel that going on and on about my life could be about as interesting as a Nun...sharing her dating life. Ouch. Low blow. I just had to get my point across. Well, now I'm left with a write about my life experiences, or rant on about likes,dislikes, etc. I choose both. I've decided I'll write some emotionally conflicted writings (the deep stuff) also I'll be writing about humours events, my opinions blah blah blah ( the funny stuff) well, now that i've established that to all of my 2.5 audience members, my work here is done:) here is the beginning...

Saturday, April 17, 2010


In life it seems inevitble that we will fall short of expectations. In a sense, no one could ever ALWAYS be happy with EVERY turn out. However, I have recently learned that although we may not seemingly get what we want, If we truly to uncover the purpose of why we got what we have, or got to where we currently reside,then happiness has no choice but to fall onto our paths and into our lives.

A few thoughts I've created to help me get through the days:)

  • Once hope is lost, the feasibility to succeed is lost.
  • The comfort of one person alone can either be destructive or let someone hold such great ability to hurt you, also gives them the incentive to love you.
  • realizing a mistake is only part of correcting it, taking the initiative to change is the rest.

Things we can not control, we should not let control us...if we do, we will only be bowing down to adversity and merely surrendering. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Most amazing thing you have ever read?

Answer may vary pending on social status, way of life & or sense of humor.(please take time to go over your own vocabulary, some words may exceed your lpw aka letter per words...I do not want to be the cause of any anxiety attack due to strain of thought process) So my psycho sisters pretty much told me about this blogging habbit. Assuming you have aquired the skills of Blogging then it seems pretty natural and normal. Also assuming that 90% of the people reading this have barely aqquired the skill of READING is what worries me. I guess I just let my mind speak and my emotions flow? If I could flow reguraly this would be a lot easier. But Mother nature visits me on her time and has no sympathy,so my Emotions are a little off. I've learned valueable lessons over the past couple weeks.... If you piss SHEENA off, she will literally attack your eye balls and when I say attack I mean spit flying and circulating around your head so fast it makes you dizzy. Like just when you think you're safe from the eye of the storm, Hurricane Katrina comes by and takes a crap on your lawn. That's her. Surprises me daily. Nonetheless, I love her so much & I love spending time with her! She's Hilarious & for the most part she is the nurter of us all. She says she'll cook but translate she really means " pull out them hot pockets as fast as you can" haha Mrs Tuakoi..if It weren't for her lovely kids, I wouldn't tolerate her mental sickness half as much as I do. But we're family and that means I'm stuck. or I mean im privelaged. lol. Love ya Sheen.As Jay-z says..on to the thought the first one was scary? MEET KLARAH. starting from the left corner she is 5'8 and weighing in at... *@!#@ $#*! pounds. apparently your weight is as bad as full on swearing in our houses haha. But on a serious note, Klarah is one to leave me voicemails cause im sleeping! She is the weird type to ask you to do something knowing you don't want to but you will. The kinda girl to make you laugh & be pissed off all at once. Arguing with kids is crazy right? This girl takes it to the next level. Like I swear there are moment she wants to go toes with Kj, and I DON'T KNOW what is stopping her, but the fire in her eyes is enough to kill a cow, eat it, & then go moo throughout the streets of Glendale. haha Oh my my my...I absolutely positively am grateful for everything she has taught me...they say you learn most when you are around the special people...Lala has led by example, even with her special case she is patient and easy going... it gets hard to watch after sometimes, often I want to shout " Go play in Traffic" or " take a long walk of a short cliff!" but then I stop and think....Lai, wwjd....what would jose do...JOSE is her imaginary friend haha he is very patient so I'll learn! Okay all jokes put aside, I love these two and I only blogged about them because..well they pursued my first blog post ever.... No SHEENA is not extremely psycho, just kinda...and NO KLARAH is NOT special Ed lol I'd like to think so. well I am off to spend time with these ladies.... til the next one...How do you keep an idiot busy?!!..I'll tell you later......